Tips For A Flawless Makeup Application

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Proper Skincare

Skincare is the first step to a flawless makeup application. Have a routine that includes exfoliating at least once a week, a morning moisturizer and an evening moisturizer, to keep the skin hydrated. I also recommend mixing a beauty oil into your foundation; one of my go tos is Argan Oil. Everyones skin is different, so if you’re oily, a beauty oil mixed with foundation might not be for you. Finding the right products based on your individual needs is crucial. I recommend finding an esthetician you trust to get recommendations on products. Makeup artists appreciate great skin, as it’s the foundation of a beautiful makeup application!


Protecting the skin is vital, using sunblock everyday is a tip that my mom drilled in to my head during childhood. Moms are always right! Some foundations already have SPF in them, but some prefer not to have SPF in their makeup. Usually, I mix my moisturizer with my sunblock. One of my favorites is by Juice Beauty. Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are must haves when soaking up those rays to prevent pre-mature aging and sun damage!


Drinking plenty of water can add hydration, clearness, and moisture to the skin, creating a youthful looking glow. Especially during the summer months, staying hydrated will not only help you feel better, but your skin (and body) will benefit from drinking plenty of water. The recommended water intake per day is 64 oz. However, in the summer months it doesn’t hurt to increase that amount to ensure you’re getting enough. Hydrated skin will allow the overall wear of makeup to last longer and look better. Trust us on this one; moisturizer can only do so much!

Quality Products

Using quality products isn’t just about being a name brand snob. There are certain ingredients that are terrible for your skin. In turn, this will defeat the purpose of your skin care routine. So, using higher quality brands and brands that use natural ingredients will be better for your skin and improve the way your makeup looks.
Avoiding ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, formaldehyde, and talc are definitely ones to watch out for. HoneyBee Gardens, and Uprooted Skincare are both wonderful brands that are considered “clean” and safe for the skin without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins.

Pro Brands

There are some drugstore brands that can be great quality. However, the rule is-you get what you pay for. Using higher end brands (pro brands) will give you the pay off you’re looking for because they usually work better! The longevity of wear is sometimes double compared to drugstore brands. The pigments blend easier and look brighter. You’ll also need less product to accomplish a dramatic look, rather than having to use large amounts of a cheaper brand.

Application technique

Knowing what type of face shape and eye shape you have is half the battle when learning new makeup techniques. Once you’re aware of what type of shape you have, its easier to learn what product goes where, and the purpose of their use. There are several different tricks to achieve the type of look you’re going for. A current trend is highlighting and contouring. The idea is to create the illusion of an oval shaped face (the most desired/beautiful). Highlighting is intended to push forward the center features of the face; contouring creates shadows and dimension and pushes back features. There are several tutorials on youtube that have simple step by step instructions!

The best thing about makeup, is that it isn’t permanent. You can play and practice until you find what works best for you. Taking extra steps, like improving your skin by using better products, eating right and staying hydrated can dramatically enhance the wear of your makeup. Keep up the good work, stay creative, stay healthy, and wear sunblock!

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